Wednesday, 8 September 2010

My First Post...

Another blog???
Yes… People are getting more and more computer savvy day-by-day. They want to express their opinions, share their experiences and just blabber blah blah blah to the world. And Blogger is FREE. Combine the two and you have millions (if not billions and zillions) of blogs.

Who am I???
First a Daughter, then a Wife and now a Mother. Also a full-time Software Developer. Originally from Nellore, AP, India, my family shifted base to Hyderabad about 25 years back.

I got married in 2000 (my husband’s aunt calls me “Millennium Bride”). My Husband and me moved to Glasgow in 2005. I am here since then. Had a baby boy in 2008. Life seems wonderful now as I am surrounded by people and things I love.

Why the name???
Well, different people cherish different things in life. And these things keep changing over time. I thought I’ll start blogging about the things I love (I might include my family’s slowly) and enjoy.

What do I love???
There are quiet a few things. For starters, I love reading books, travelling, music, movies and (people who’ve known me for a long time will faint) cooking. I have recently started to develop a liking for gardening. It goes without saying that I love my husband P and our 2 year old son V.

What do I plan to blog???
Since cooking is my latest interest (read necessity), I will be blogging different recipes. Some from other blogs (with due credit, ofcourse), some from my family and some – my own. Its also an easy way to share the recipes with friends and family. "Go see my blog…" is all I have to tell anyone who wants a recipe.

You might also find some book reviews. They might be old for a lot of you, but nevertheless. You might get to read some movie reviews as well (provided our 2 year old allows us to see). These are just a few things I plan to blog.

I hope I can blog often without boring every one.

Till my next post, C Ya…

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  1. Good start:). I really appreciate you for finding time and blogging. Hopefully you will blog more often than I used to and not stop like I did. Looking forward to read more posts:).


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