Friday, 24 September 2010

Another Garden Update...

I couldn’t resist myself last week. I had to pluck and taste the coriander and mint. They tasted gorgeous.

The Coriander was mild to start with but got strong in 2 seconds. And the leaves are so tender, they literally melted in my mouth. The mint wasn’t as strong as its only in the initial stages. But nevertheless, you could make out the distinct flavour.

No wonder people love growing their own vegetables. One can’t even think of comparing the taste with the store bought ones. Its amazing.

The small pot is really small for Coriander. The roots have started to come out from the hole that’s meant for drainage. I think I’ll chop it this weekend. I am not expecting any more crop from the small pot. The Coriander in the big pot has started to grow the main coriander leaves. But the stems are really weak. We haven’t been getting sunshine for a few days now and its quiet cold as well. So the growth also has been really slow. I might give the stems support this weekend.

As I told last week, the Basil survived the re-potting and seems to be doing pretty well. The third set of leaves are quiet obvious now. I just realised that the first set of leaves are not the actual basil leaves. So the set of leaves coming up now are actually the second set of leaves. Again, the growth is not so much as the its getting cold and the light is literally non-existent from a few days.

Some of the mint saplings have about 6 sets of leaves now. So they are growing quiet steadily.

Since the growth of all the plants is so slow, I might not give a garden update for some more time. Now, I am not even sure if the plants will survive the winter.

On the whole, the experience is great. I hope the plants survive the winter. But even if they don’t, I will definitely start growing them again in spring as I now know that I can grow my own (even if its only herbs).

I think I’ll read about artificial light and try it if its not too much to bother with.

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