Friday, 4 March 2011

Ready Made Soup - Maggi Hot and Sour Soup

The days are getting longer here in the UK. And the temperatures have started to touch double digits (in the positive). The chaos that the snow had caused in december seems a distant night mare now.

I'll be planting my herbs soon - weather permitting, this weekend. I have got all the required stuff for it. Lets hope they survive and grow this time.

I am sure everyone feels lazy during the winter months. Atleast I hope I am not the only one. So on those lazy winter nights, the ready made packet soups (that I got from India) came to my rescue.

Now... before you think I give my 2 year old this, let me tell you that I have frozen some of his food (either soups / rice with dal, veg or spinach) for emergencies. I am not such a bad mother. :-)

I have finished all the soup packets I have got from India. Waiting for my parents to get me more. I managed to click only one soup. Its the Maggi Veg Hot and Sour Soup.

I'll click more next time. But this is not such a bad option during those bad winter nights when all you want is comfort food. The soup is very close to the one we get in the restaurants back home. Here is the photo...

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