Sunday, 2 November 2014

After a loooooong break...

Its been a while... Quiet a while actually. :). Lots n lots has happened in the past couple of years. Mostly good though.

We moved back to India in August 2012 with our then 3 (almost 4) year old. He's now 6 and has 1 year old brother. I haven't been cooking since I moved back as we had a full time cook at my in-laws house. We moved into our apartment about a month back and are a nuclear family again now. I do have help in the house so I haven't got back to full fledged cooking for now. But I am slowly getting back to it.

Have I missed blogging, do you ask? Well... Not a lot I would say. I guess I was too busy with the children to think about it. Between the older one joining "big school" (his words, not mine. He's in first grade.) and the younger one and moving home, I hardly had time for myself. I am still doing up the house and putting everything in its place. I think it might take a bit more time for me to fully settle.

But have I missed cooking and trying out new recipes??? YES!!! Good thing I was not going through all the blogs I have been following. I would've felt very bad if I didn't try out so many tempting recipes...

Now that I've seen all your yummy and tasty blogs again, I so badly want to start cooking and blogging. Hopefully, I'll get back to full time cooking AND blogging quiet soon. How soon? Only time will tell.

Until then, c ya...

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  1. Welcome back. .looking forward to see some yummy preparations!


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