Friday, 8 April 2011

Spring's Here & Herb update

Yeah... Spring's here. Though its cloudy, windy, gloomy and raining most of the time, the temperature's quiet pleasant. Sun does peep out towards evening most of the days. When the sun comes out, it feels its summer. Its been so good.

My herbs are doing well. I remember my second batch of Coriander in September last year couldn't stand on its own. Though the leaves did come out, the stems were too weak and it was falling into the pot. That's not the case now.

The stems are strong enough and Coriander is growing steadily. The base leaves have come out for all and the actual Coriander Leaves are coming out on atleast 5 to 6 plants. It shouldn't be too long before I start using it...

My basil as usual was the first to sprout. That also just has the initial base leaves but I can see teeny weeny basil leaves forming on most saplings. When I bought the Basil seeds, P asked if we actually need Basil plant as I don't make much. I said I want to try out so many recipes and the Basil from the supermarket is not very fresh most of the time. Any suggestions to recipes using Basil are welcome.

As usual Mint was the last to sprout. Its way too tiny (though the actual mint leaves are sprouting from one or two plants) and there's nothing much to write about it.

Coming weekend (if the weather permits), I plan to plant Sunflowers (for my son), Marigolds and Garlic Chives. I got these mini bio degradable pots in which I plan to propagate and take the plants outside in may / june.

But the Scottish summer is known for its untimely rain. So I might invest in a Green House. Not the sturdy building, just the "plasticky" one that has stands inside and I can zip up. If any one’s used that, please let me know how it works out. I might think of a cold frame as well. That's more sturdy.

I'll write another post with detailing how I planted my herbs this time round. It's a bit different from last time.

Until next time, I leave you with the photos of my growing herbs. BTW, we've put our garden furniture out. I hope the summer is good for us with less rain.


  1. wow...good job!!! wish I cud sit on that chair and enjoy the summer!!!

  2. @Everyone: Thanks for the comments.

  3. Thanks for the picture of the sprouting mint. Very helpful :)


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