Wednesday 28 March 2012

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio with Spinach

What fabulous weather we've been having for the past 5 days. Bright sun, clear skies, temperatures touching 25oC (77oF). Its very unusual for March in Scotland. I am not complaining though.

As I type this post, the weather man is saying that the brief spell of the good weather is coming to an end. Its going start getting cloudy, rainy, gloomy and cold. So much for the good weather. I hope we have a good summer unlike last year when we didn't feel it was summer. It was raining almost everyday.

This is another dish that can be made in a jiffy for a quick snack or a complete meal.This is a slight variation to my Spaghetti Aglio e Olio. I added thawed frozen chopped spinach, increased the amount of garlic and didn’t add the chilli flakes to the oil to make this child-friendly.

It's the peeling and chopping garlic that's time consuming. That's where my son helped me out on this one. Noooo. He didn't sit and peel the garlic layer by layer. I put each clove in the Pestle and Mortar and he would hit it till it crushed. I would take out the "yuck" (his word for the peel) and he would put it in my mini food processor. He then helped me pulse it to a fine chop.

After all that and getting excited at the thought of eating spaghetti, he didn't eat. I actually had to tell him stories and make him eat. He's not able to slurp it up - so I guess he needs more time. P and I enjoyed it with a generous sprinkling of Red Chilli Flakes.

Serves: 2


200 gms Dried Spaghetti (I used Whole Wheat) – cooked in salt water as per package instructions
100 gms Spinach - chopped finely
3 tbsp Chopped Garlic
2 tbsp Olive Oil
Red Chilli Flakes to taste

  1. Heat Olive Oil in a pan.
  2. When the oil is hot, add the Chopped Garlic and fry until the Garlic starts to change the colour.
  3. Add the Spinach and toss till the its cooked.
  4. Add the Spaghetti and toss well until it is coated well with the Spinach and Garlic.
  5. Add Chilli Flakes, mix and serve hot.

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  1. Quiet inviting meal !! looks so succulent !! Thanks for linking to the event !!

    Ongoing event CC:Vegan Diet - Plant Based Food

  2. Looks so tempting and its my fav. I top with loads of cheese.

  3. luks very tempting n yummy too..loved it....:-)

  4. We just had this for dinner. :o) Always go to when needed in jiffy right? THnx for linking it up Sweta

  5. Looks lovely. On my way home to cook some lunch . . .this is the perfect inspiration!

  6. Awesome!! I love spaghetti alio d'olio...adding spinach would definitely make it more tasty. Looks gr8! Thanks a lot for linking this to Gimme Green :-)

  7. I am constantly on the look out for easy pasta recipes. This one is simple and looks very appetizing, with all the goodness of Spinach. Thank you for linking with Healthy Morsels - Pregnancy :)

  8. this looks sooo good !! and simple and yummy too ! Thanks for linking !

    Sizzling Tastebuds
    Event : Pickles & Preserves Fest + Giveaway

  9. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone. Really appreciate the time you spent on the blog.

  10. This looks yummy. At the moment I'm looking out for easy quick meals to make once my baby arrives so I'm going to bookmark this to try.

  11. Omg, seriously ur click itself makes me hungry, super tempting spaghetti Sweatha, regarding ur q'n about cornets, yep you can use any kind of chocolates for making the custard dear..

  12. Looks good, seems like a quick fix and nutritious to boot! Thanks for entering the contest.


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