Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Thai Green Curry

Me and P fell in love with Thai food when we went to Thailand for our first Anniversary. We freaked out on the food. Before we came to UK, there were no decent Thai restaurants in Hydereabad. When we came here, we frequented one restaurant as we thought that was the most authentic Thai we had eaten after Thailand.

But after V was born, its quiet difficult to go out and enjoy food. So we don’t go out much as we think there’s no point in going to a good restaurant and not enjoy the food. We do eat the food – but don't enjoy it.

A few months back, we went to this huge Asian (Not Indian) supermarket where I was looking at a Thai Green Curry paste. I had put it in my shopping basket when a lady (a complete stranger) told me that the paste I took is good but this other one is much better. She bought 2 packets in front of me and went.

Me and P thought may be we should try it. When we followed the instructions, cooked it and took a bite, it took us back to Thailand. The taste was really good.

Its quiet simple to make. Just boil the bite size chicken pieces in coconut milk and add the paste. That’s it.

This is seeing our dinner table quiet regularly from then. And since P can make it, I can relax. And enjoy the food.

We have it with regular white rice. This is one of the best ready made pastes I’ve had. I am sure people of Thai Origin can make it even better from scratch. But this paste is good enough for us.

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