Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Hi guys. I am back after a short and hectic holiday to India. It felt nice to spend time with family after a long time. But how and where the 2 weeks flew, I do not know.

After I got back, I was busy catching up with work, home, friends and other stuff. Its been almost 4 weeks since I got back. But I was too occupied with a lot of things to write for my blog.

I have been clicking a lot of photos though. Need to write recipes and post them.

I read a few books in India. I have finished the shopaholic series of books. So will write a review in general about the whole series.

My plants have caught a fungus so I threw them last night. But I will start again in February so that they can see sunlight and grow better. No more blogs about my Gardening till February / March.

This is just a short update to let you know I am back. I will start posting soon…

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